Know the Flowers You will be Adorning on Your Wedding

Indian weddings are known for their pomposity and grandness, but what adds to the elegance and fragrance to these special events are relatively understated. Yes, we are talking about the traditional Indian flowers that adorn the bride and groom as well as add a sense of classiness to the mandaps’ aura.          

While traditional Indian flowers are appreciated worldwide for their exquisite colors and soothing fragrance, each of them convey different emotions and have their own special attributes.  Hailing from a culturally diverse country like India, you must also understand the fact that different flowers have different implications based on respective cultures. So prior to ordering flowers, you must know what flowers are suitable for your special occasion and what fits your unique personality.

Let’s take a glance at what some of these popular flowers used in weddings mean to you:

Roses – The most commonly used flower for wedding decorations, rose symbolizes love and joyfulness like no other.   While red and orange roses signify oodles of love and passion, white rose represents charm and grace and pink rose symbolizes happiness respectively. So if you are planning to buy flowers for your wedding, roses are definitely the way to go! Well, who doesn’t like a bed of roses anyway?

Jasmine: Jasmine is yet another fragrance flower that you cannot overlook for your wedding arrangements as they send forth a strong message of purity and virginity. Known for its refreshing fragrance and elegance, jasmines are a mainstay in south Indian weddings. Having jasmine flowers— which symbolize love, dedication and happiness— to fill the aura of your mandaps is a perfect way to declare your wedding!

Orchids : Gradually making its way into the Indian wedding customs, orchids are widely used in weddings for its exotic quality and range of vibrant colors.  You can use orchids at your wedding to express your long lasting love and dedication to your beloved one. Orchids also symbolize wisdom, beauty, strength and luxury.  

Tulips: Tulips have a unique quality that magnifies strong love for one another to the world around you. So having tulips at your wedding means you are publicly declaring your dedicated love to your loved one even before the official declaration.

Marigold: Widely used in traditional Hindu weddings, marigold symbolizes the power of sun and prosperity at your wedding. For the record, marigold flowers are used to worship Lord Vishnu and his wife Goddess Lakshmi — the quintessential couple of the revered Indian tradition. And folklore believes that marigold will attract divine blessings and positive energy from the Lord to the wedding couple. Therefore, it has been an integral part of the Indian wedding for generations. Contrastingly, Christians have a different perspective of this flower which they consider to be a symbol of bad luck and grief. 

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