Floral Tips for Your Wedding Decors

Flowers are an integral part of any Indian wedding. From the welcome board that is displayed out in the open to the highly revered garlands that are used to declare your bonding—flowers can be seen everywhere in a wedding setup. Creatively arranged flowers can add oodles of elegance to the outlook of your mandap in a special way.

Given the fact that people are now vouching for theme-based decoration arrangements, it has become slightly difficult for the wedding planners to strike the right styles and patterns of flower arrangements that will appeal to the masses.

But with a little insight, you will understand that decorating your mandaps can be a lot of fun:                   

Flowers for the Season:

Firstly, you should choose flowers for your mandap decors depending on the season your wedding takes place. Flowers with shades of blue, pink and citrus can be a perfect fit for your spring & summer wedding. For winters you can opt for bright flowers with strong earthy tones to spice up the otherwise humdrum mood of the season.   Further, if cost is a factor, always go for in-season flowers, which is available in abundance to suffice all your decoration requirements.

Apply fragrance to blessing ceremony spaces:

Let the space where you will have the elders of your family bless you be filled with the aura of fresh flowers. Therefore, use jasmine, roses and orchids to adorn this space as they can give you a divine outlook while spreading your fragrance.  

Sophisticate your wedding area:

Look to add an ethnic twist to this part of the wedding space with lanterns and candles. Later, embellish the set up with bud roses creatively spaced between the lanterns and candles. This will give your wedding decors a special sophisticated look.

Customize your Mandap:

Give more attention to decorating Mandap, where vows are exchanged and the wedding is declared. Start by erecting a four-pole canopy enclosing the stage. Then use a combination of red, white and yellow flowers to adorn the canopy. Further, instead of going for a normal solid roofing over your mandap, get it covered with net drapes with fresh flowers such as, orchids, lilies, carnations and bud roses strewn all over it.  

Wear Matching Garlands:

Garlands are one of the most important aspects of a wedding as they accentuate the beauty of the bride and add to the aura of love in the air. So always opt for the one that matches your wedding ensemble and mandap décor.  Garlands embellished with colored ribbon or nets can add to your look.

Moreover, Garlands made from the elegant white, pink and red roses or orchids will be a perfect fit for your fancy Lenghas while if you are wearing a simple sari just pair it with a heavy garland made out of jasmine or tube rose. If you have simple sari, wear a heavy garland In case you are wearing multiple outfits for your wedding with no changes in the interiors, it is recommended that you opt for a neutral or soft-colored garlands that matched both your outfits.

Finally, while decorating your wedding space, leave no stone unturned when comes to displaying flowers, as it just keeps adding to your excitement in the air. You can put up bouquets of flowers at hot spots in random places in and around the wedding area so that your wedding arrangements look appealing and complete.

Also, go ahead and add uniqueness to your wedding decors by experimenting with different styles and pattern of flowers. Don’t miss a chance to include roses in your decorations as it can speak volumes about your love for beautiful flowers.