Choosing Fragrance Garlands that Suit Your Weddings

Exchanging garlands among the bride and groom is one of the much famed Indian traditions followed since time immemorial.  Such a custom is of supreme significance in Indian weddings as it acts as a token of willing acceptance and mutual respect for people involved in the marriage. The act of garlanding and applying red vermillion on the forehead is a sole part of the proud Indian gesture for welcoming and acknowledging guests at your special occasions. 

Popularly called as varmala or jaimala, the Indian wedding garlands come in a variety of styles, sizes of vibrantly colored fresh flowers that are strung together. The most commonly used for wedding purposes are the red rose petal and tube rose garlands, while several multi-colored garlands made from a variety of flowers including marigold, carnations, orchids etc., are also available in the market. Also, a number of unique varmalas made in exotic and contemporary designs are entering the market of late to suit the changing lifestyle of people. 

Therefore, given the significance of garlands in your wedding, planning to get the right one that matches your wedding ensemble and mandap décor cannot be overlooked. The garlands you adorn must accentuate the beauty of the bride and add to the aura of love in the air.

So here are few tips to make sure that the type of garland you choose to wear is a perfect fit for the most important day of your life:

Choose the type of flower that will suit your taste:

Since each flower symbolizes different virtues and emotions, it is necessary that you understand and choose what type of flower garland you could use to mark this auspicious day.

For instance, Marigolds or genda have long been the traditional favourites for Hindu weddings, while it is considered to be a sign of bad luck by the Christian community. Meanwhile, rose petal and tube rose garlands are highly sought after by people for their charming and elegant qualities, while orchids are known for symbolizing beauty, love, and magnificence.

Also, you must also take into account the availability of flowers based on the season your wedding takes place. Augmenting your wedding attire with seasonal flowers will enrich your outlook in a refreshing and trendy style.

If you have a taste for mixed varieties, look to choose a garland with these combinations of flowers such as Carnation, Jasmine, Marigold, Lilies, Orchids, Tulips, etc.  

Decide on the color scheme of the garland:

 Since wedding garlands come in a variety colors schemes and types, carefully choose the right one that compliments the color of your outfit.  Brides can choose garlands to match their Sari or Lenga’s embroidery style as well as their jewellery embellishments. Garlands made from the elegant white, pink & red roses or orchids will be a perfect fit for your fancy Lenghas. Or if you are wearing a simple sari just pair it with a heavy garland made out of jasmine or tube rose. In case you are wearing multiple outfits for your wedding with no changes in the interiors, it is recommended that you opt for neutral or soft-colored garlands that match both your outfits.

Look out for garlands that represent your community:

Since different parts of the country produce different types of varmalas, you have the option to choose the one that matches the culture and community you hail from. For instance, South Indian wedding garlands are usually larger and longer in size, while compared to its North Indian counterpart, where the size and styles of the garland are comparatively unique in their own way.

Once you have decided on what varnmala to use for your wedding, it is then important to procure it on time before the wedding; not too early, neither too late—so that they stay fresh on the day of your wedding. This is where Itflowers can come in handy as we deliver India’s much revered fragrance garlands at your doorsteps. With rich supplies from certified cultivators in India, we waste no time in delivering your favorite garlands as per your request.